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Baijia Holds Its 2017 Semi-Annual Work Conference in Wuxi
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  Progressing against Challenges, Poised for New Achievements: the 2017 Semi-Annual Work Conference of Baijia International Group was held at Nianhuawan of Lingshan Scenery Area in Wuxi from July 26th-27th, 2017. Attended by members of Board of Directors and executives of corporate departments and Baijia hospitals, the conference summarized the work in the first half of 2017 and deployed the work for the second half of 2017, and witnessed the signing of the Integrity Agreement by corporate and hospital executives. Mr. Su Jinmo, the Board Chairman of Baijia International Group gave a keynote speech at the Conference.

  Executives of Baijia International Group including Mr. Alan Xu, the Executive President, Dr. Zhang Yunping, the Executive Vice President, and heads of corporate departments reported their work on logistics support, hospital management, financial management, branding and marketing, human resources, informationization, general customer service system, medical safety and risk control, etc. in the morning of July 26th.

  During the conference, Dr. Guo Liyu, the Medical Dean of Changsha Baijia Maria Maternity Hospital, Dr. Zou Minyun, the Medical Dean of Jiangxi Baijia Aima Maternity Hospital, Dr. He Xiaoyin, the Executive Dean of Hangzhou Aima Maternity Hospital and Dr. Xu Qian, the Medical Dean of Wuxi Baijia Maternity Hospital gave keynote speeches on How to Avoid and Handle Medical Risks, Developing the Departments for Rapid Hospital Growth, Establishment of Medical Team and Medical Safety and Modern Delivery Room and Inter-professional Collaboration respectively. Ms. Huang Shujuan, an invited Taiwanese senior expert specialized in hospital management also shared her experience in hospital operating at the Conference.

  On July 27th, Dr. Henry Chen, the JCI Project Leader delivered his report on Progress of JCI Projects in Dalian Baijia Maternity Hospital and Shanghai Baijia Maternity Hospital, and Baijia JCI Blueprint; Angel Gan, Director of Board Director Office and Leader of Baijia Fund Project delivered her report on Management and Operation of Baijia Fund.

  Dr. Zhang Yunping, Executive Vice President, Ms. Lin Qiuhua, Senior Vice President, Mr. Su Jindang and Mr. Yang Junqing, Vice Presidents shared their insights and experience in the reports How to Improve Medical Quality to Guarantee the Safety, Analysis and Thoughts on Business Operation, Lean Management in Hospitals and Thoughts on Future Hospital Informationalization respectively.

  Later on, corporate executives and hospital leaders signed the Integrity Agreement and took the Oath of Integrity led by Mr. Alan Xu, the Executive President.

  Mr. Su Jinmo, the Board Chairman of Baijia International Group concluded the conference with a keynote speech. Mr. Su firstly recognized the achievements made in the first half of 2017, especially to the sound overall development in Guangdong area and Jiangsu, Zhengjia and Shanghai area. And then he made in-depth analysis and instructions on the issues of some Baijia hospitals.

  Mr. Su Jinmo spoke highly of the excellent work ethic and expertise of the specialist deans. “Many specialists in the medical team led by Professor Zhang Yunping, the Executive Vice President of Baijia International Group are not only the Baijia specialists, but also standing committee members, deputy directors, and even directors of OB-GYN committees and other committees in provincial and municipal medical associations. Some of them are academic leaders and professors and associate professors teaching in medical schools. It is this thriving team that provides powerful assurance with their expertise to Baijia to hold fast to the principles of healthcare and to guarantee medical quality and safety.” said Mr. Su.

  Speaking of the signing of the Integrity Agreement, Su Jinmo earnestly encouraged everyone to continuously improve professional ethics to a higher level and increase the consciousness of accountabilities, since a company culture of integrity, honesty, positivity and aggressiveness takes unified efforts.

  Mr. Su Jinmo highlighted the spirit of the previous Board Director meeting and introduced the strategic adjustments of the corporate. He concluded that this semi-annual work conference at Nianhuawan of Lingshan Scenery Area in Wuxi came at the critical time of major strategic adjustments by the corporate. Everyone is expected to progress against challenges and poise for new achievements with unbreakable wills, since the success is just around the corner.

  During the time of this conference, the participants of the conference also visited Wuxi Baijia Maternity Hospital, the one that sets the benchmark of lean management among Baijia hospitals. Su Jindang, Vice President of the corporate, leader of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area and Head of Wuxi Baijia Maternity Hospital shared his experience and insights on lean management during the visit.

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