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Specialists Advocate Natural Pregnancy and Birth to Safeguard Maternal and Infant Health
Source: Baijia International GroupUpdated:2017-09-12A- | A+

  The 2017 Forum on Natural Pregnancy and Birth and Maternal-Infant Health Development and the opening ceremony of Zhongshan Baijia Maternity Hospital were held in Zhongshan city on July 2nd. Specialists had in-depth discussions centered by the forum theme to promote the concept of natural pregnancy and birth, and to brainstorm the strategies for safeguarding maternal and infant health.

  “After the full implementation of the second-child policy, the rate of geriatric pregnancy and risks of gestational complications have increased, leading to higher requirements on management and rescues of critical laboring women and newborns, and new challenges for safeguarding maternal and infant health.” said Ms. Wang Zhiqiong, former Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health of Guangdong Province and Permanent Honorary President of Guangdong Medical Doctors Association. According to her, this forum was of great significance in helping Guangdong women in turns of scientific pregnancy and birth, avoidance of maternal mortality and improvement of newborn health in Guangdong Province.

  Ms. Wang Zhiqiong also pointed out that natural birth has less postpartum bleeding, less damage and faster recovery comparing with caesarian section. It can avoid many complications and sequels of caesarian section and is beneficial for the health of babies. Dr. Huang Yaobin, the President of Macao Precision Medicine Association suggested that the laboring women and medical staff should all establish the concept of natural pregnancy and birth, since relevant education helps the laboring women to adjust their prenatal mentality, reduce their pain during labor, and have a safer birth.

  Dr. Su Linchuan, the Dean of Zhongshan Baijia Maternity Hospital introduced that the hospital will open a featured midwifery clinic, and will provide scientific prenatal nutrition and exercises classes in the patented Baijia Mothers Club for laboring women in Zhongshan, so as better prepare the women for natural birth.

  Zhongshan Baijia Maternity Hospital launched the Public Benefit Initiative of Safeguarding Health and Bringing Happiness to Guangdong Families upon the opening ceremony. With a series of public benefit programs, this Initiative aims to help more Zhongshan people to realize their dreams of a happy family.

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